Miracle Saves Baby from Rock-Throwing Terrorist

A rock-throwing Arab teen nearly killed a baby Sunday morning when the huge rock he hurled at the car crashed a few inches from the infant.
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By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

First Publish: 12/30/2012, 12:50 PM


Car after rock attack

Car after rock attack
Israel news photo by Ephriam Menashri

A rock-throwing Arab teenager nearly killed a baby Sunday morning when the huge rock he hurled at the car crashed a few inches from the infant.

“We were saved by a miracle,” “Roie,” a resident of Samaria, told Arutz Sheva. “I do not even want to think what would have happened if the rock had hit the baby.”

“We were driving south from Rehalim when an Arab around 17 years old, standing next to a school, threw a huge rock at the car,” he said. Rehelim is in Binyamin, near Shiloh and the community was authorized by Israel’s government.

He said he was traveling around 80 kilometers an hour (50 miles an hour), and the rock smashed through the car window and landed only a few inches from the baby’s seat.

He was sitting with his wife in the vehicle, and their eight-year-old son and two-year-old daughter were sitting next to the infant.

The family also was shocked by the behavior of the police. Soldiers, after realizing what had happened, closed the road to search for the attacker, but police at the scene threatened then with arrest if they did not re-open it.

Mainstream media did not report the attack, following usual practice to ignore rock-throwing unless it causes an accident or injury.

The objective of the rock-throwers is murder, whether by a direct hit or by causing a driver to lose control of his vehicle and to crash.

Over a year ago terrorists “succeeded” in killing Asher Palmer and his two-year-old son when they threw a rock at Palmer’s car near Kiryat Arba-Hevron. Police determined the crash was a traffic accident until evidence published by Arutz Shevaforced them to carry out an investigation, which proved it was a terrorist attack.



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$8 Milk Threat Spurs Washington Into Action on Farm Bill

The House and Senate agriculture committees are working on a short-term extension to the expired U.S. farm bill, and plan to vote on the extension by Monday, the final day of 2012, lawmakers and aides said.The proposed extension to farm legislation that expired in September could be for six months to a year.

If an extension is passed the United States would avoid reverting to 1949 “permanent law” and a potential spike in the retail price of milk to as much as $8 a gallon in 2013.

But a year-long extension would probably mean another round of the direct subsidies to farmers that cost about $5 billion a year and that both sides of debate had agreed earlier to eliminate.

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The Senate passed its new five-year farm bill in June, and the House Agriculture Committee followed with a version in July.But the House bill, with large cuts in food stamp funding for lower-income Americans, has never been brought to a vote by the full House. The Senate and House remain far apart on the issues of food stamps and crop subsidies.

Many estimate that U.S. retail milk prices could rise sharply in 2013 — to some $6 to $8 per gallon from the current level of about $3.53 — if the government reverts to 1949 statutes that would require USDA to buy and store dairy products at inflated prices.

Pressure has been rising from the Agriculture Department and dairy groups for Congress to take action by year-end — if not on the entire farm bill, then at least on an extension or a specific “patch” to address the dairy program.

“We’ll find a way” to get an extension passed, said Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, who added that the senators’ preference was still to pass a complete bill.

“This is so much ‘Plan B’ that it’s like ‘Plan M’ for milk,” Klobuchar said.

The price of milk will not double on Jan. 1 if Congress does not act, but would likely rise gradually as supplies are removed from normal merchandising channels and instead land in USDA storage facilities.

“USDA continues to review a variety of options for administering programs, should permanent law become legally effective on Jan. 1,” a spokesman said.

Government buying could quickly produce a glut of milk, butter, cheese and powdered milk that would get stored in warehouses, given to food banks and exported as food aid, said Jay Gordon, a dairy farmer and executive director of the Washington State Dairy Federation, a trade organization.

“We’re not going to sit around watching the Super Bowl and eating chunks of butter,” said Gordon, who has about 150 cows on his farm in Washington state. “But the government has to keep buying” to keep the price up.

Major milk retailers have been watching the congressional maneuvers closely, without outlining specific strategies.

“When it comes to milk, competitive price changes do occur all of the time, where allowed. Milk costs are adjusted both up and down monthly. At this point we do not anticipate any changes in the cost of milk as a result of the bill,” said Mike Siemienas, spokesman for Supervalu Inc., a major U.S. grocery store operator with chains such as Albertsons and Jewel-Osco.

The International Dairy Foods Association, which represents companies that provide about 85 percent of the bottled milk, ice cream and cheese to U.S. consumers, is hopeful that Congress will succeed in passing a farm bill extension.

But the group this week urged Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to avoid or delay the impact of a return to 1949 law, should an extension or patch not be successful. Vilsack, for his part, has repeatedly urged Congress to act responsibly.

Editor’s Note: Should Obama and Congress Raise Taxes? Vote Now.

“The worst outcome would be for us to continue to see Congress do nothing, and for permanent law to come into effect,” Vilsack said last week.Some lawmakers have been counting on time being on their side, regardless of the status of legislation.

“Implementation of permanent law will take a considerable amount of time, and to that end, I call on (Vilsack) to carefully consider all relevant factors and to take public comment through a rule making process before proceeding,” Frank Lucas, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, told the Tulsa World newspaper this week.

A formal rule making process – which is also advocated by IDFA, absent a farm bill extension — could typically be expected to take up to several months.

The process “will enable stakeholders, not just dairy producers and processors but also food manufacturers, food retailers and others, to voice their concerns prior to the implementation of any new rule,” IDFA President Connie Tipton said in a letter to Vilsack dated Dec. 27.

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 “And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine. (Revelation 6:6)


Issa: America at Risk of Losing Economic Powerhttp://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Issa-America-economic-power/2012/12/30/id/469444

George H.W. Bush Health Improving Dec 30, 2012 

george h.w. bushFormer President George H.W. Bush was moved Saturday out of the intensive care unit of the Houston hospital where he has been for more than a month. “President Bush’s condition has improved, so he has been moved today from the intensive care unit to a regular patient room at The Methodist Hospital to continue his recovery.”

Makes sense.  Now that he somehow sucked out General Schwarzkopf’s vital life force, it bought him some more time.  Watch out Babs, he’s going to need more.

Read more at politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com.

German Magazine Mistakenly Publishes Bush Obituary

Sunday, 30 Dec 2012 09:21 AM

BERLIN — Germany’s respected news weekly Der Spiegel has mistakenly published an obituary for former U.S. President George H.W. Bush.

The unfinished obituary appeared on Der Spiegel’s website for only a few minutes Sunday before it was spotted by Internet users and removed.

In it, the magazine’s New York correspondent Marc Pitzke describes Bush as “a colorless politician” whose image only improved when it was compared to the later presidency of his son, George W. Bush.

Bush was hospitalized in Houston Nov. 23 for treatment of a bronchitis-related cough. He was moved to intensive care on Dec. 23 after he developed a fever.

A family spokesman says the 88-year-old former president was moved out of intensive care into a regular hospital room again Saturday after his condition improved.

© Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Barron’s: European Stocks Could Soar 20% in 2013

Wednesday, 26 Dec 2012 10:50 AM   By Forrest Jones

 Stocks in crisis-weary eurozone countries could soar as much as 20 percent next year, according to Barron’s.

While the European debt crisis will drag on, economies elsewhere in the world, especially in the United States and in Asia, will improve and demand more goods and services from European companies.

Considering that stock prices have fallen to attractive levels, stock-picking opportunities could be ripe in European bourses even if macroeconomic conditions remain weak and growth seen nowhere on the horizon for countries like Greece and Spain.
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“So, is now a good time to buy European stocks? You bet. Despite lingering financial turmoil, doubts about the eurozone’s sustainability effectively have been put to rest. European companies are awash in cash, and many are positioned to benefit from growth beyond their borders,” Barron’s Jonathan Buck wrote.

“Not least, their shares are cheap, even though the Stoxx Europe 600 index has risen 15 percent this year, to a recent 280.95. Some investors think they could rally more than 10 percent, and perhaps as much as 20 percent, in the coming year.”

Many European companies have cleaned up their balance sheets during the recession and will enjoy demand abroad.

Companies identified by Barron’s as undervalued on a historical basis with exposure to international markets include Volkswagen, European Aeronautic Defence & Space, Rio Tinto, Roche, WPP, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Deutsche Post, Vivendi, AXA and Enagás.

Some market watchers point out that the European Central Bank remains ready to buy sovereign debt in troubled European countries if need be, which has given investors courage to buy European stocks.

“The risk of some cataclysmic implosion has receded since the summer, and that is basically what has been driving stocks higher,” Bertie Thomson, senior fund manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, told the Financial Times.

“Risk premiums have fallen sharply.”

Other market watchers point out that stock pickers will find value in global equities markets in 2013.

“Market volatility will be a way of life in 2013, as Europe continues to work on solving its debt problems, China’s growth remains closely scrutinized, and the U.S. grows in fits and starts,” Morningstar analyst Heather Brilliant wrote in the firm’s Quarter-End Insights.

“In this environment, we think stock picking will make a comeback, and investors focusing on specific stock opportunities will do well given this backdrop.”
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© 2012 Moneynews. All rights reserved.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmaxworld.com/StreetTalk/European-stocks-202013/2012/12/26/id/469042#ixzz2GZ7E0GmX
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Pimco’s Gross to Investors: Brace for Lower Returns in ’13

Sunday, 30 Dec 2012 14:00 PM

Pacific Investment Management Co.’s Bill Gross, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, expects stocks and bonds to re . . .

GOP Senator Graham: Chances ‘Exceedingly Good’ for Limited Cliff Deal

Sunday, 30 Dec 2012 12:57 PM

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that chances for a limited fiscal cliff deal in the next 48 hours wer . . .

Buffett on Fiscal Cliff: We’ll Get it ‘Solved’

Friday, 28 Dec 2012 15:30 PM

The United States will work through the fiscal cliff impasse and eventually find ways to restore fiscal health, says

  • Pakistan Militants Kill 41 in Mass Execution, Attack on Shiites
    <id=”copy_small”>Pakistani militants, who have escalated attacks in recent weeks, killed at least 41 people in two separate incidents, officials said on Sunday, challenging assertions that military offensives have broken the back of hardline Islamist groups.

  • Cough Syrup Suspected in 33 Deaths in Pakistan
    <id=”copy_small”>Pakistani authorities are investigating allegations that cough syrup has killed 33 people over the past three days, a government official said Saturday, the second time in recent months medicine is suspected of causing multiple deaths.

  • China Requires Internet Users to Register Names
    <id=”copy_small”>China’s government tightened Internet controls Friday with approval of a law that requires users to register their names after a flood of online complaints about official abuses rattled Communist Party leaders.

  • China Orders People to Visit Their Elderly Parents
    <id=”copy_small”>Visit your parents. That’s an order. So says China, whose national legislature on Friday amended its law on the elderly to require that adult children visit their aged parents often or risk being sued by them. The amendment does not specify how frequently such visits…

  • Weak Japan Economic Data Bolster New Leader on Stimulus
    <id=”copy_small”>Poor Japanese manufacturing data on Friday gave new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe more ammunition to push for big spending and easy money to salvage the world’s third-largest economy from decades of deflation and its fourth recession since 2000.
  • China Seizes TVs, Satellite Equipment in Tibetan Area
    <id=”copy_small”>Chinese authorities have confiscated 3,000 televisions from monasteries in a heavily Tibetan part of the west of the country and dismantled satellite equipment that broadcast “anti-China” programs, prompted by Tibetan self-immolations in the region.

  • Pakistan: Bhutto’s Son Launches Political Career
    <id=”copy_small”>The 24-year-old son of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has launched his political career with a fiery speech on the fifth anniversary of his mother’s assassination.

  • Profits at China’s Factories Jump as Economy Recovers
    <id=”copy_small”>Annual growth of China’s industrial profits quickened to 22.8 percent in November from October’s 20.5 percent, official data showed on Thursday, reinforcing signs of a steady economic recovery thanks to pro-growth policies. Chinese industrial firms made 638.5 billion yuan…



  • China Tightening Controls on Internet Access
    <id=”copy_small”>China’s new communist leaders are ratcheting up controls on Internet use and electronic publishing following embarrassing reports online about official abuses.


  • India Leader Pledges to Protect Women From Raging Violence
    <id=”copy_small”>Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pledged Thursday to take action to protect the nation’s women while the young victim of a gang rape on a New Delhi bus was flown to Singapore for treatment of severe internal injuries.


  • 8 Dead in Christmas Day Fires, Riot in Philippines
    <id=”copy_small”>Angry residents beat a man to death and threw rocks at firefighters after a shantytown fire left thousands of people homeless, and another Christmas Day blaze in the Philippine capital left seven people dead, officials said Wednesday.


  • Conservative Abe Returns as Japan’s Prime Minister
    <id=”copy_small”>Japan’s parliament elected Shinzo Abe as the nation’s prime minister on Wednesday, ending three years of rule by liberal administrations and bringing back to power the conservative, pro-big business party that has run Japan for most of the post-World War II era.

  • 3 Afghans Killed in Attack at US Base Believe Used by CIA
    <id=”copy_small”>A suicide bomber killed three people in an attack on a U.S. base in Afghanistan on Wednesday, the same base that is believed to be used by the CIA and which a suicide bomber attacked three years ago killing seven CIA employees.

  • 8 Dead after Christmas Day Fires in Philippines
    <id=”copy_small”>Authorities in the Philippines say at least eight people are dead after two separate Christmas Day fires in the capital region. One of the blazes left about 1,500 people homeless when it razed their shantytown.

  • China May Require Real Name Registration for Internet Access
    <id=”copy_small”>China may require Internet users to register with their real names when signing up to network providers, state media said on Tuesday, extending a policy already in force with microblogs in a bid to curb what officials call rumors and vulgarity.

  • UN General Assembly Voices Concern for Myanmar’s Muslims
    <id=”copy_small”>The U.N. General Assembly expressed serious concern on Monday over violence between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar and called upon its government to address reports of human rights abuses by some authorities.


  • Afghan Policewoman Kills US Adviser, Police Say
    <id=”copy_small”>An Afghan policewoman shot and killed an American adviser outside the police headquarters in Kabul on Monday, a senior Afghan official said. The circumstances of the killing were not immediately clear but the shooting could be another insider attack by Afghans against their foreign allies.


  • Gang Rape Protesters Clash with Indian Police
    <id=”copy_small”>Police in India’s capital used tear gas and water cannons for a second day Sunday in a high-security zone to break up protests by thousands of people demonstrating against the gang rape and beating of a 23-year-old student on a bus.


  • North Korea Could Have US Within Missile Range, Says South
    <id=”copy_small”>This month’s rocket launch by reclusive North Korea shows it has likely developed the technology, long suspected in the West, to fire a warhead more than 6,200 miles, South Korean officials said on Sunday, putting the U.S. West Coast in range.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.comhttp://www.newsmaxworld.com/Asia#ixzz2GZ82hGMI
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Middle East Top Stories


  • Two Iraqi Sunni Protesters Hit by Gunfire
    <id=”copy_small”>Gunshots wounded at least two people Sunday at demonstrations in western Iraq when bodyguards protecting a senior Sunni politician opened fire to disperse protesters, a local official said, marking the first casualties in a week of rallies.


  • <id=”copy_small”>Yemeni security officials say two gunmen on a motorbike have shot and killed an intelligence officer in a southeastern province.
  • Egypt President Warns Against New Unrest
    <id=”copy_small”>Egypt’s Islamist president has warned against any unrest that could harm the drive to repair the country’s economy in a sharply worded speech pushing the opposition to work with his government.


  • Syrian Rebels Accelerate Siege of Northern Air Base
    <id=”copy_small”>Syrian rebels stepped up their siege of a military base in the north of the country Friday as government warplanes bombed surrounding areas to support the defenders, activists said.



  • Iraq Militia Issues Threat Against Turkish Interests
    <id=”copy_small”>An Iraqi militia Thursday issued a threat against Turkish interests in Iraq, responding to what it described as Turkey’s “blatant interference” in the country’s internal affairs.


  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad Sacks Only Female Government Minister
    <id=”copy_small”>Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Thursday dismissed his only female cabinet minister, Health Minister Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi, after she criticized her colleagues for failing to provide funds to import vital medicines.


  • Egypt’s Deposed Leader Mubarak Moved to Army Hospital 
    <id=”copy_small”>Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian strongman ousted last year after 30 years in power, was moved to an army hospital from a prison hospital on Thursday following a fall that raised fresh concerns about his fragile health.


  • <id=”copy_small”>Four children of an influential former Iranian president are suing a radical lawmaker for describing his family as a corrupt “octopus,” heating up a struggle between hard-liners and moderates simmering since a contested 2009 election.


  • <id=”copy_small”>Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi says the disputed constitution just approved in a referendum establishes a new republic and calls on the opposition to join a dialogue to heal rifts and shift the focus to repairing the economy.
  • Iraq: New Protests Break Out in Sunni Heartland
    <id=”copy_small”>Witnesses say thousands of demonstrators have gathered again in a Sunni Muslim-dominated Iraqi province west of the capital to voice their opposition to the Shiite-led government.
  • Yemen Violence Kills 5 Soldiers, 11 Tribesmen
    <id=”copy_small”>Gunmen on motorbikes assassinated two Yemeni army officers in the country’s capital Tuesday while clashes between the military and tribal fighters loyal to al-Qaida in a northeastern province killed three soldiers and 11 tribesmen, officials said.
  • Iran Rejects Interference Accusation by Gulf Arabs
    <id=”copy_small”>Iran rejected accusations from Gulf Arab states that it was meddling in their affairs, saying those countries were “running away from reality,” an Iranian news agency reported on Wednesday.


  • Afghanistan: Woman Who Killed American Is Iranian
    <id=”copy_small”>An Afghan official says the policewoman who killed an American contractor in Kabul is an Iranian who came to Afghanistan 10 years ago with her husband and obtained a fake ID through him.
  • Israel: No Proof Poison Gas Used in Syria
    <id=”copy_small”>Israel voiced doubt on Tuesday about the accuracy of Syrian activists’ reports that chemical weapons had been used against rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad.
  • Syrian Rebels Capture Town Near Turkey
    <id=”copy_small”>Activists say Syrian rebels have fully captured a northern town near the Turkish border after weeks of siege and heavy fighting.
  • Gulf Arabs Demand End to Iran ‘Interference’
    <id=”copy_small”>A summit of Gulf Arab leaders on Tuesday demanded Iran end what they called interference in Gulf Arab affairs, reiterating the six U.S. allies’ long-held mistrust of their regional rival.
  • Worshippers Rejoice in Jesus’ Bethlehem Birthplace
    <id=”copy_small”>Pilgrims celebrated Christmas Day Mass Tuesday in the ancient Bethlehem church where tradition holds Jesus was born, candles illuminating the sacred site and joyous prayer filling its halls.
  • Syria Rebels Shot Down Plane in Hama
    <id=”copy_small”>Syrian activists said rebels in central Hama province shot down a government fighter jet on Monday, in clashes outside a village loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.
  • Egypt Opposition: Vote Fraud in Referendum
    <id=”copy_small”>Egypt’s opposition called Sunday for an investigation into allegations of vote fraud in the referendum on a deeply divisive Islamist-backed constitution after the Muslim Brotherhood, the main group backing the charter, claimed it passed with a 64 percent “yes” vote.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.comhttp://www.newsmaxworld.com/MiddleEast#ixzz2GZApJD00
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