Locusts Plague Egypt-Israel on Alert

Locusts Plague Egypt causing End Times Panic—Israel on Alert

Aimee Herd (Mar 4, 2013)

“Farmers in 15 out of the 27 Egyptian governorates suffered significant agricultural damage as the insects devoured crops and flowers.” –Daily Mail report

FOUNDING EDITOR’S NOTE: Locusts in Egypt and even into Israel brings to mind the plague of the locusts in Egypt prior to EXODUS and also prior to the first Passover. Now, this plague in Egypt is also just prior to Israel’s Passover. Jesus said there would be “signs in the Heavens and Earth” right up until the end of the age. The reader may want to follow this story to see if this sign reveals any insight. Note that even the secular news media is making a connection with the Biblical accounts of the plague of locust and the first Passover. –Steve Shultz, BCN.

Locusts According to a Daily Mail alert report, an infestation of Locusts has descended on Giza and Cairo in Egypt and are causing significant damage to crops there. (Photo: Xinhua News agency)

A swarm reportedly “appeared in the afternoon on March 2nd,” said the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.

The Bible The presence of the swarms of locusts so close to the time of the Passover Feast in Israel is giving fuel to apocalyptic fears, as the crop-killing bugs were the 8th of the ten plagues—in Exodus 10 of the Bible—that came against ancient Egypt at the hand of God for Pharaoh’s refusal to let the enslaved Hebrews go free. (Photo: Xinhua News agency)

However, the Egyptian Agriculture Ministry noted that the pests always pass through the country as part of their “normal migration” to Saudi Arabia.

Israel is also on alert regarding the locusts, and has set up an emergency hotline for reporting sightings of the insects.

Passover, this year, will begin on the evening of March 25th.

Source: Alex Ward – Daily Mail


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