German Bank: “Only Jesus Can Save the Euro”
Teresa Neumann (Mar 21, 2013)

Incredible statements made in speech by Bilal Hafeez, Deutsche Bank’s global head of FX strategy, says Jesus is perfect role model because of His holiness and unquestionable respect by Europeans.

Bilal Hafeez(Germany)—In a shock speech made recently by Deutsche Bank’s global head of FX strategy, Bilal Hafeez, stated that only Jesus Christ can offer a positive “role model” and save the Eurozone from disaster. (Photo:

The excerpt from the speech, as reported in the publication Business Insider, reads:

“Who else has entered the terrible teens? The Euro-Area! It was born in 1999 and so is currently fourteen years old. It has all the hallmarks of teenage angst. It is ridden with internal conflicts, it is groping around for structure, and it is suspicious of authority.”

Only Jesus...“So who can be a positive role model for the Euro-Area?” he asks. “Well, it cannot be the ‘fathers ‘—Germany or France. It has to be an external figure that all Europeans respect and whose motives and character are beyond dispute. That rules out anyone living, as even the most competent person will make missteps or have something from their past dredged up to undermine them. That leaves us with historical figures whose lives have been laid bare by history.” (Photo: Getty Images)

“I can only think of one figure that is respected by most Europeans and has never sinned,” he concludes. “Jesus!”

Incredibly, Hafeez goes onto suggest that if everyone lived by the injunction to not be the “first to cast stones unless they were without sin” then the “constant accusations would stop.”

Source: Staff – Business Insider

After over 330 Million Abortions have Caused Severe Gender Imbalance, China’s One-Child Rule May Soften
Aimee Herd (Mar 21, 2013)

“After the ministerial restructuring, the power of the family planning unit will be reduced. It won’t have the ability to design policies and it will have less say in the country’s population strategy.”

(Beijing, China)—A recent article published in Financial Times (FT) cited staggering numbers of unborn babies’ lives sacrificed at the hands of China’s one-child policy.

One Child China Over the course of the 40 years China’s so-called “family planning” policy has been in effect—and brutally enforced—there have been more than 330 million abortions performed in the country. (Photo:

It’s this horrific reality that human rights advocates such as Chen Guangcheng—who escaped his forced house arrest in China last year, seeking refuge at the US embassy and eventually on American soil—have risked their lives and their family members’ lives in order to expose this inhumane law to the world.

FT correspondent Simon Rabinovitch notes that since 1971, when the one-child rule was put in place to limit population, doctors in China “have performed 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations,” according to the data.

chinese parliament To put those numbers in perspective, Rabinovitch gives the estimated amount of abortions in the US since Roe v. Wade—about 50 million. However, the population of the United States is only one-quarter of China’s. (Photo:

Amid these sad statistics, there is a small glimmer of hope, as the article points out that the current session of Chinese parliament may bring a softening of one-child policy enforcement. The reason for change would likely be a concern over the resulting “gender imbalance”—China now has “34 million more men than women.”

Chinese demographer He Yafu noted in the FT report, “After the ministerial restructuring, the power of the family planning unit will be reduced. It won’t have the ability to design policies and it will have less say in the country’s population strategy.”

Read this full Financial Times report on China’s one-policy rule at the link provided.

Source: Simon Rabinovitch – Financial Times

Cao Ruyi Thanks Congressman for Life of Baby Son
Bob Fu (Mar 21, 2013)

The Chinese woman, who made international headlines for her arrest after nearly being forced to abort her baby, shows off infant son in newly released video and thanks Congressman Smith for intervention that saved his life.

Cao Ruyi (Changsha, Hunan, China)—One of the pregnant Chinese women who made international headlines last summer when family planning officials tried to forcibly abort her at five months has given birth to a boy and written a thank-you letter to U.S. Congressman Chris Smith for his personal intervention that helped assure her safety.

In a short video edited and produced by Women’s Rights in China and translated by ChinaAid, Cao Ruyi is shown being visited by a representative of Women’s Rights in China and showing off her infant son, who was born on Oct. 15, 2012.

Cao was five months pregnant on June 6 when family planning officials and other government officials in Changsha dragged her to a hospital, beat her, and were ready to force her to have an abortion. However, because of a number of problems, including no available bed space at the hospital, Cao was transferred to a nearby hotel and placed under house arrest pending an abortion.

Letter of thanks Due to the timely intervention of ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu, who personally contacted the local officials and helped draw international attention to the case, and of Congressman Smith (R-N.J.), who wrote directly to the local government condemning their actions, the planned abortion never took place.

Cao and her husband have named their son, their only child, Dahai, which means “help from overseas.” She is shown in the video holding their son as her husband signs a letter of thanks to Smith for his vital role in their case. The letter was delivered to Smith in Washington, DC earlier this month by a volunteer for Women’s Rights in China.

Cao Ruyi and husband However, as the video reports, the family still faces looming problems, including a US $15,000 fine for the unauthorized birth and the fact that their son’s birth cannot be registered. In China’s authoritarian system, this means his existence is not recognized by the government and he cannot get a government-issued identification card, which is required for all basic activities of a citizen, including attending school, opening a bank account and even getting medical care.

Watch this riveting video by clicking on the following

Watch this riveting video by clicking on the following link:

Source: China Aid



Are You Serious

Are You Serious




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