China has led the investigation into the torture he who led the tortures

Date: 17/04/2013 22:00 Ilya Ivanov. Epoch (The Epoch Times)
A few days ago, the Chinese news portals have published a resonant material of widespread torture in prison Masanjia. Authorities said they were investigating the facts. However, the deputy head of the investigation team was appointed a former director of the camp, which is actually led and the tortures.

of widespread torture in Chinese labor camps and prisons overseas media reported long ago, but these messages are never allowed the party censors in China’s official media.

Correctional Masanjia

Correctional Masanjia camp called “hell on earth” and “the Chinese Auschwitz.” Photo from
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An unprecedented event

a week ago Chinese Journal Lens published a long article detailing the many methods of torture faced by female prisoners Masanjia prison camp, located in the province of Liaoning near the city of Shenyang. This article, which is more similar to the report, the certificate used by the victims and the letter secret transferred from the camp prisoner.All mentioned in the article are the victims of torture and the petitioners were sent to the camp only because repeatedly complained about the corruption of local authorities in their areas, which affected them and their families.This article was reprinted all the major Chinese news websites, and the information made ​​public stir among Chinese online community, and the international community. False investigation Since the publication attracted much public attention, the authorities had to react somehow. April 14th Liaoning Provincial Government announced that they have created a special team to investigate cases of torture described in the article. Officials even urged the public to be connected to the investigation.

The camp

Zhang Chaoin, the former head of the camp Masanjia. Photo from

However, it is noteworthy that the deputy head of the group was appointed recently taken the post of head of the local administration through labor Zhang Chaoin. fact that this man in the 2000s, was the camp commander Masanjia, as well as chairman of the Party Committee of the camp. With his knowledge, and even under his direct supervision in the camp of the ongoing process of “ideological transformation” of prisoners, which includes mental and physical torture. In 2001, members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee called Masanjia camp, led by Zhang, the most advanced country in the so-called “education of the people” and ideological re. Thus, the result of an investigation initiated not promise any surprises and quite predictable.”Most of the past decade, Zhang held in Masanjia. All the torture that occurred there, were under its control. And now he’s at the head of the investigation? How could he do otherwise than to hide what has happened? “- The analyst NTD TV Heng He. was also found that the authorities and appeals to witnesses and victims of torture join the investigation have ulterior purpose. Wenjuan Li, a former employee of the tax administration of the city of Anshan Liaoning Province, was tortured in Masanjia in 2006. She expressed her desire to join the investigation and expose the crimes committed in the camp. came to her home and the police took her to the police station that she “helped the investigation.” There she was registered as party media interviewed. Now the authorities have limited their freedom. Her whole family is scared and afraid to leave the house.”I think that if I am taken away again, you live I will not return. They’ll kill me to get me to be silent. So I now do not want to talk about what happened to me in the camp, “- says Lee. She also said that the police are pursuing the same way and everyone else who expressed a desire to talk about what is happening in the camp, and requires them to sign letter of guarantee and promise not to disseminate information known. Another former inmate of the camp Zhu Guijin, which is also registered to participate in the investigation, said that in fact the authorities are looking for contrary evidence to refute the allegations of torture. According to her, already has a secret internal order to speed up the investigation. It talks about the need to quickly refute distributed on the Internet and the media about the torture in Masanjia and take the leadership role in shaping public opinion on the subject to “foreign hostile forces” and “people with ulterior intentions” did not spoil the image of the party and country. struggle between two factions in the Communist Party


The incident with the exposure of torture in Masanjia revealed the struggle between two factions within the Communist Party of China. Photo from

Overnight, before the eyes of the Chinese public of advanced education camp turned into a “hell on earth” and “Chinese Auschwitz,” as it is called by some media and bloggers. A few days later shocked the public this article was removed from all Chinese portals, including and from the site of the journal Lens. All discussions on this topic in the blogs have also become quickly removed by the moderators, which is usually done only by order of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party.appearance of such an article in the official Chinese media, which employs a large-scale apparatus strict censorship, could not be pure coincidence. According to analysts, this is just another manifestation split within the Communist Party and the ongoing secret struggle of two major party factions, one of which wants to expose the crimes of the other, and that in turn resists. One of these fractions supports the current general secretary Xi Jinping.Journal of Lens, which appeared scandalous story is owned by the magazine “Finance and Economics”, which has close ties with Xi and his people in the central government. second fraction owned by the former General Secretary Jiang Zemin. Jiang’s people are not interested in uncovering the facts of torture in the prison camps of the country, because, otherwise, many of them do not escape responsibility for these crimes. Both of these fractions have a significant impact in China. Thus, the information about torture in the camp was made ​​public with the filing of the same faction, and removed from the feed another. Carrying out the so-called investigation of these facts also seized people Jiang. Masanjia – one of the major centers of persecution of people

Torture in China

One of the many torture that apply to prisoners in Masanjia.Photo from

Infamous Masanjia acquired long before the information about ongoing atrocities committed within its walls has received coverage in the Chinese media. Apr. 15 World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (ORPFG) published a report on its investigation of crimes Masanjia camp administration. In the document, in particular, says that the camp became a model example of the persecution of supporters of the spiritual practiceFalun Gong to other correctional facilities in China. It has been used Clan Jiang Zemin, who by his unilateral decision Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999 as a center of effective methods of ideological converting people. These methods are then distributed to all the camps and prisons in the country. They also gradually began to be applied to other prisoners of conscience, such as dissidents, human rights activists and petitioners. former camp inmate Zhu Xiaoming told reporters The Epoch Times, that everything described in an article Lens – this is true, and that she herself had seen with his own eyes . “I stayed in Masanjia six months and see how they tortured people. Their heart-rending cries are still heard in my head. My cellmates were beaten with electric batons and tortured by ” tiger bench “, hung by handcuffs, locked in small cells, and so forth,” – says Zhu. According to her, the camp is not the real criminals out there or petitioners, human rights defenders, as she or Falun Gong adherents. They are tortured because they did not plead guilty. She herself came to the camp because of the protests against the illegal, in her opinion, the demolition of her house on the initiative and with the participation of local officials. According to Zhu, she managed to avoid being tortured in the camp because she behaved well, and her term was short.


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Yao Ming, a former NBA basketball star and a  CPPCC delegate, walks outside the Great Hall of the People

Yao Ming, a former NBA basketball star and a CPPCC delegate, walks outside the Great Hall of the PeoplePicture: Ng Han Guan/AP

Former  NBA star Yao Ming is seen during the opening of the first session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Former NBA star Yao Ming is seen during the opening of the first session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative ConferencePicture: EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG


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