International Union Of Muslim Scholars Member Spews Antisemitic Diatribe, ‘If Only Hitler Had Finished Them Off’

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Tareq Hawwas, International Union of Muslim Scholars, Lebanon TV 4/18/2013: “The Jews are among the true enemies of the Islamic nation. Their enmity began with the beginning of the call to Islam. It is well established among Islamic scholars that the Prophet Muhammad died as the result of eating poisoned meat, given to him by that Jewish woman in Khaybar… Thus, the scholars consider the Prophet Muhammad to be a martyr because he died from the poison given to him by the Jews… The Jews are the enemies of this nation, and they spare non effort in preventing this nation from gaining power… anybody who knows what the Jews are like knows that this type of conduct is not out of character. First of all, they are among the people most rejecting of Allah… they are the slayers of prophets… they are cowards… the most miserly of all peoples……

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