May 09, 2013 Hacker Hooligans/HAARP/MADRID FAULT LINE/SINK HOLES



Hackers made off with at least 94 Social Security numbers.Hooligan Hackers hack Washington state‘s Administrative Office of the Courts in February 2013 and up to 160,000 Social Security numbers and 1 million driver license numbers may have been accessed.  The courts spokeswoman, Wendy Ferrell,  said ” that there is no active law enforcement investigation at this time, but people who believe they are at risk should take precautions to monitor credit.”

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Sinkhole Swallows 3 Cars On Chicago’s South Side, 1 Person Injured



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New Madrid, Sinkholes, Gas Fracking, Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

BY:  georgeweatherby


Prophecy to America: A Catastrophic New Madrid Fault Earthquake Will

BY:  SomeLittleShoe

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  2. […] May 09, 2013 Hacker Hooligans/HAARP/MADRID FAULT LINE/SINK HOLES ( […]

  3. […] May 09, 2013 Hacker Hooligans/HAARP/MADRID FAULT LINE/SINK HOLES ( […]

  4. […] May 09, 2013 Hacker Hooligans/HAARP/MADRID FAULT LINE/SINK HOLES ( […]

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