Sunday Weather: Mild winds, scattered showers with a chance of . . . CATOSTROPHIC FLOODING & rad waste release

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

The rivers above and near Lake FUBAR will crest Sunday according to forecasts.


The rapid snow melt in the Dakotasthat has been heading down the Missouri River joining up at  the Mississippi River in Southern Illinois. If they open the Moganza Spillway it would further flood Bayou Corne which will already be full of local runoff and heavy rain amounts.

The source of the rapidly bubbling methane inside  and outside the broken, useless berm remains unidentified.

There is no word about H2S except to deny it is accumulating under abandoned (not bought out) homes.

Decades of radiocative waste (with the ingenue’s cute name of ‘NORM’) is unaccounted for, not inventoried, scattered across sites, falsely recorded in state records and may be let loose in the combination catastrophe, salt dome cave in and flood water entry into salt dome. And flood.

The aquifer already has unaddressed problems of chemical wastes…

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