Explosive TIMEBOMB in Assumption Parish

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

No wonder they try and hide their cavern inventories from the public! There is only a state directive to Crosstex to get rid of product near the expanding out-of-control salt dome collapse below Lake FUBAR. That means these figures from last Sept. on this map are pretty much the same as all oil and gas companies report ‘business as usual” in Assumption Parish.

As of Sept. 2012 there were OVER 120 MILLION BARRELS of LPG just in the map area . . . not counting the rest of Assumption Parish.

 DOW + KDS product shown on the map  =   120,793,163     

And checking just ONE of the natural gas caverns we see MORE than 15 MILLIONBARRELSin one spot.

Ser. #  972568      Well#  001       15,510,000  barrels nat’l gas  < Freedomrox says they emptied that cavern.  No natural gas left in it.

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