A Plea for SB200 by Mike Schaff

Please pray Grand Bayou, Louisiana residents, their daily needs be met and that no more situations like this happen again. God bless

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

To all:

After reading  Mr. David Mitchell’s article in The Advocate on May 9, it outrages me as it should ALL OF YOU to learn from the dome operators on the salt domes throughout the state that the guidelines previously existing for the distance to mine caverns from the edge of domes was determined by “rule of thumb”.

Even though this will later be changed to 300’ minimum, what else don’t we know about mining and storage regulations as they are now written?  Also, Even with the latest 3-D technology, as we were advised in our latest town hall meeting by the Texas Brine vice president himself, these surveys are only accurate to plus or minus 75 feet! When the failed cavern was mined originally, it was thought that there was 600 feet between the edgeof the salt and the cavern. This was discovered to be painfully incorrect and we…

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