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Letter to the Editor:

SB200   Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.    Failed 17 yeas and 19 nays     

SALT DOMES:  Prohibits the issuance of certain permits to create or convert a solution mined cavern for storage purposes.

SB200 had been amended.  SB200 was to provide for the  prohibition of certain permits on state owned water bottoms; to provide terms,  conditions, and requirements; and to provide for related matters.

The amended SB200 would have been just for 5 years until more research is done on the safety of natural gas salt dome storage caverns.

AGL Resources, Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC, will not do an Environmental Impact Statement nor will they give the Seismic Study that was done to Save Lake Peigneur.

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC employs 10 people and will hire one more after the expansion.

Senator Adley came before the senate microphone and stood before…

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