Rescuers walk on rocks as they carry an injured person with a stretcher after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Deqen county, Yunnan Province August 31, 2013. Four people died and 10 others were injured after the earthquake struck southwest China on Saturday morning, Xinhua News Agency reported. (CHINA DAILY/REUTERS)

Earthquake in southwest China kills 5, forces thousands to relocate

BEIJING — The Associated Press


An earthquake hit a mountainous area of southwestern China on Saturday, killing at least five people, destroying hundreds of residences and forcing thousands of people to relocate, the government and state media said.

The quake, which also injured 21 people, shook a wide area, including scenic Shangri-La and Deqen counties in Yunnan province, and Derong county in Sichuan province, just to the north.


Jordanian firefighters and Syrian refugees extinguish a fire at the Al Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, March 8, 2013. The fire, caused by gas, did not result in any death or injuries, but damaged some 35 tents at the camp. (MUHAMMAD HAMED/REUTERS)

Number of refugees fleeing Syria tops 2 million: UN

GENEVA — The Associated Press


More than two million refugees have fled Syria’s violence in an exodus that shows no sign of letting up and could destabilize neighbouring countries, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday.

Antonio Guterres, head of the Office for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said an average of almost 5,000 citizens a day are flowing out of Syria, many of them with little more than the clothes they are wearing.



HUGE KANSAS SINKHOLE KEEPS GROWING-The sinkhole is 200 feet across and 90 feet (27.4 m) deep.




These images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope of Comet ISON were taken on June 13, when ISON was 312 million miles from the sun. The lefthand image shows a tail of fine rocky dust issuing from the comet, blown back by the pressure of sunlight. The image at right shows a neutral gas atmosphere surrounding ISON, likely created by carbon dioxide fizzing off the comet at a rate of 2.2 million pounds per day.
SNIPPET:  LAUREL, Md. — All eyes on the sky that can do so will be pointing toward Comet ISON soon, as a massive international observing campaign gets under way to watch what could become the “comet of the century,” scientists say.

See Neptune at Its Best in Webcast

“Now that poor Pluto has been demoted, Neptune regains its longtime status as the most distant planet, that began with its 1846 discovery,” Berman said in a statement. “With the recent finding of yet another new moon around this world, and with its intriguing orbit that causes it to complete three circuits around the sun in the exact same time that Pluto makes two, this Ice Giant is a place that deserves our periodic focus. What better occasion than this Monday night line-up, when it ventures to its closest to Earth of 2013? Indeed, it hasn’t been this near to us in more than a half century!”


Magnitude-2.7 Earthquake Hits Warrensburg And Glens Falls, NY

By                    on August 25 2013
A minor earthquake shook regions of upstate New York Sunday morning. The earthquake was first reportedas 2.3 in magnitude, but was later updated to a 2.7 magnitude tremor.

Earthquake Near Reno Felt as Far Away as the Foothills


Viewers tell FOX40 that they’ve felt a Reno-area earthquake all the way in the Sierra foothills.

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit about one mile northeast of Spanish Springs, Nevada, around 5:51 p.m. Monday.

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