Deadly seawater bacteria deaths on the rise

Health officials warn of bacteria along CoasT

26 cases of Vibrio vulnificus reported across state

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Health Officials Warn Of Bacteria In Central Fla


MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — Central Florida health officials have issued warnings about a flesh-eating bacterium that led to the death of a Flagler County man last month.

Brevard County health officials issued a warning Friday about the Vibrio vulnificus bacterium that can be found in brackish seawater in the lagoons along coastal Florida.


Health officials warn of bacteria in central Fla.

Published: 10/06 3:56 pm  Updated: 10/07 12:23 pm
Snippet:  Henry Konietzky’s death Sept. 23 from the rare infection came less than 62 hours after he waded into the Halifax River to fish. Antibiotics and blood transfusions failed to stop the bacterial infection from spreading from throughout his body.

New Hypersonic Spy Plane Being Developed by Lockheed Martin

By Denise Chow, Staff Writer    Date: 05 November 2013
Lockheed Martin unveils SR-72 as successor to SR-71 spy plane
CREDIT: Lockheed Martin Corp.A new hypersonic spy plane, capable of flying up to six times faster than the speed of sound, is being developed by aerospace giant Lockheed Martin Corp., according to company officials.


another :

Lockheed Martin unveils SR-72 as successor to SR-71 spy plane

4 November 2013           Grant  Turnbull

Almost 50 years since the SR-71 Blackbird’s first flight, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has revealed plans for an affordable hypersonic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and strike platform which could be its successor.(snippet)







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