Asperger’s “Sensory Funnel”


Asperger’s and Video Games



Fear of Failure and Making a Mistake


What Exactly Is Responsibility?


Stop Defending Yourself… And Grow!  





Who Do You Think You Are? — Jim Parsons (Full Episode)


Getting Help for Adults with Asperger Syndrome





NOTE:  Reaching out to help someone you love who has Asperger’s Syndrome is the first step in turning a world of seemingly chaos and sensory overload to a world of ” I Can Succeed” attitude.  Sometimes we have to educate ourselves in order to see thru the eyes of someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome. To often it misdiagnosed as ADHD/ADD.  A person with Asperger’s has a world knowledge, help and hope to give to the world; if only, the world would embrace the person and not the syndrome.  After all were all not once a child who had to learn to crawl, walk, run, dress and feed ourselves?  I many timesI have witnessed people with a disability be mistreated, bullied, ignored,  or totally misunderstood because he/she thought, spoke, or behaved different than the “Norm”.  What is the norm?  Love, hope and understanding; though it be “very” difficult at times, is foundation of help someone who has Asperger’s.


Hospital Tries to Force Vaccinate Nurse



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