Christian Worldview And Issues Luther’s Protest Is Over? Catholics and Charismatics Look To New Ecumenical Unity

The Pope stirred things up in recent weeks by sending a video message to Pentecostal Word of Faith leader Kenneth Copeland, urging reconciliation between Catholics and Charismatics. Anglican Episcopal Bishop and friend of the Pontiff, Tony Palmer, stated in an introduction to the video before Copeland’s live audience, “When my wife saw that she could be Catholic, and Charismatic, and Evangelical, and Pentecostal, and it was absolutely accepted in the Catholic Church, she said that she would like to reconnect her roots with the Catholic culture. So she did.” “Brothers and sisters, Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?”……….  Click here for full story

Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy? Adversarial Nations Pose An Increasing Missile Threat To The U.S.

There is a mounting and palpable “tension” in the global atmosphere, exacerbated no doubt by current conflicts around Middle East peace talks, Iran’s nuclear intentions and the pro-Western bias dividing the Ukraine, but it originates out of a more gradual process. Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed a subtle repositioning of world powers, opportunistic grass roots revolutions against dictatorships, and the exploitation of nations with weakening dominance in financial, political, military and diplomatic leadership.……..  Click here for full story

Israel: God’s Timepiece Intercepted Ship From Iran Would Have Provided Hamas With “Game Changing” Missiles

The stakes are being heightened once again in the Middle East, with reports of the interception a ship from Iran heading to Gaza with advanced rockets that would have been a “game-changer”, offering significantly longer-range and bigger warheads than currently available in Gaza. These missiles would have the potential to hit and significantly damage Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. ……..  Click here for full story

Apostate Christianity Christian Leaders To Attend Anti-Israel Conference

Bethlehem will be the sight of the third” Christ at the Checkpoint “conference, March 10-14, 2014. In view of the anti-Jewish rhetoric that is likely to pepper the dialogue, many Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christians question the validity of this year’s conference and are asking why prominent Christian leaders are speaking at such an event ….….  Click here for full story



Christian Worldview And Issues  Church Planters In Europe Face A ‘Christian’ Europe Without Christianity 

When 39 year old Matt Chandler opened the Acts 29 European Conference in Mile End, London on March 4th, he addressed the 400 leaders from 20 European nations with this admission: church planting in Europe is a “difficult, difficult task” …….  Click here for full story


Revelation 19:16 On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This blog is to present Up To Date Prophetic News. My prayer is that this blog will bring others to know Jesus as their Savior if they do not know him the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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  1. shek1na says:

    Sunday the swedish founder of Word of Life, ULF EKMAN, told his church that he and his wife now converts to catholism. Truth is in the catholic church, let us all be one. The fallback to BABYLON is here.

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