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Is Pope Francis About to Condone Sin, Asks Catholic Theologian in Open Letter

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CUMMING, Ga., Oct. 1, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Catholic theologian and author, Dr. Kelly Bowring, has written an open letter to Pope Francis. In his letter issued just days before the Catholic Church begins the synod of bishops on the family in Rome, Bowring expresses his concerns about whether the Pope is planning to redefine Church doctrine. He states in his open letter that he asks questions of Francis because the Church teaches in “On the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian” that theologians are permitted to raise questions regarding the content of the Pope’s interventions.

In his open letter to the Pope, Bowring states that it is objectively impossible for a Church leader to change, abandon, or compromise even one doctrine of the Faith. The result would be heresy. He discusses that the Church teaches that even a pope can enter into personal heresy if he refuses to believe in even one Church doctrine, and if so, he de facto invalidates himself as Pope.

Bowring goes on to ask some hard-hitting questions of the Pope, including: “Why are you vigorously supporting dissenting bishops who are proposing heretical pastoral concessions and in effect seeking to tamper with sacred doctrine, while you are ruthlessly dismissing, demoting or disempowering other Bishops who are known to be faithful to doctrine?”

Bowring, who has written two best-selling books on biblical and modern prophecy (Two Hearts Press, LLC), thinks Pope Francis might be beginning to fulfill the credible Catholic prophecies of our times. He comments especially on the Church-approved private revelations of La Salette and Akita, where Our Lady warns that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist, that the Church will become eclipsed and we will not know who the true pope is, and that Satan will infiltrate into the Church to such an extent that we will see bad Cardinals at odds with good Cardinals. Bowring proposes that solid Catholic prophecy indicates the time of the great battle foretold in Scripture is upon us today.

Bowring concludes his open letter warning the Pope that if he intends to accommodate any doctrine of faith to today’s world or even to de-emphasize a certain doctrine such as to produce a new tolerance to sin, then “the Church will not join you, nor the faithful concede.” He continues, saying: “But for now, only love, obedience, and prayers for you Pope Francis.”


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