Impossible electric bike folds up to fit in a backpack
Folding and electric bikes have proven fertile ground for innovation recently, but what about bikes that are both electric and foldable? The Impossible bike folds up to fit in your backpack and is capable of reaching 12.4 mph (20 km/h) on the road courtesy of a brushless electric motor. read more
Designs unveiled for Beethoven Festspielhaus concert hall
To celebrate 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven was born, a plan is afoot to build an impressive new concert hall on the Rhine in Bonn, Germany. read more
New tech could allow electric cars’ body panels to store energy
If nanotechnology scientists led by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are on the right track, cars may one day be powered not by batteries, but their body panels – inside which are sandwiched a new breed of supercapacitors. read more
iRig HD and AmpliTube begin Android invasion
IK Multimedia has announced that its iRig HD guitar interface is breaking into Android territory. Following hot on the heels of Samsung’s Pro-Audio SDK 2.0 platform release, IK has now revealed the Android-friendly iRig HD-A and a special version of its AmpliTube virtual rig app. read more
Targeting a single molecule may stop prostate cancer in its tracks
In the spread of prostate cancer, the SRPK1 molecule is critical. It enables a tumor to generate new blood vessels and begin to grow. Research conducted at the University of Bristol shows a specific compound can thwart its activity, potentially leading to new forms of treatment for the disease. read more
The 300+ horsepower Bienville Legacy and the return of American master craftsmanship
On face value, the Bienville Legacy is a weird, vastly overpowered and visually shocking motorbike with a completely unique suspension system. But to the team that created it and the eccentric entrepreneur that bankrolled it, it’s not just a motorcycle – it’s the start of a movement. read more
MAVEN uses special radio to relay data from Curiosity Mars rover
NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft has used a special radio apparatus to relay 550 megabits of data from the Curiosity rover to NASA’s Deep Space Network back on Earth. read more
Philae gets green light for historic comet landing
The European Space Agency (ESA) has given the green light for its unmanned Philae probe to attempt the historic first landing on a comet, reporting that both the Rosetta mothership and the Philae lander are in excellent shape for the planned separation and landing on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. read more
Direct brain-to-brain interface between humans improved
University of Washington researchers have improved on their direct brain-to-brain connection technology involving pairs of volunteers sending signals from one person’s brain to another over the internet to directly govern the motions of the receiving person’s more
Review: Amazon Fire Game Controller
The ability to run quality mobile games that scale up help separate the Fire TV from other streaming set-top-boxes currently on the market. The optional game Amazon Fire Game Controller is designed for more sophisticated games and here’s our look at the more
Samsung Gear S review: This smartwatch can fly solo
Samsung has released so many smartwatches in the last year that it’s easy to start tuning them out. But no matter what you think of the Gear S, it certainly isn’t forgettable. Read on, as Gizmag reviews the most forward-thinking smartwatch you can buy. read more
Crazy car creations of the 2014 SEMA Show
Gizmag spent the better part of last week touring the halls of the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. It’s a jungle of the flashy and impractical, with everything from pristine classics preparing for the auction block to outrageous one-offs that will never be seen again. read more
Video game gives soldiers better skills to handle bomb-sniffing dogs
A video game called Rover that was developed by the US military uses an Xbox Kinect is being used to help train dog handlers to detect subtle cues from canines that are used to sniff out buried improvised explosive devices (IEDs). read more
Elvie provides personal training for the pelvic floor
Further proof that there’s almost always “an app for that,” Elvie is a personal fitness aid that works with an accompanying app to provide women with real-time guidance and tracking of pelvic floor exercises. read more
Circa Cycles takes a modular approach to keeping costs down
Like many American products, most US-brand bicycle frames are made overseas, in countries where manufacturing costs are lower. Circa Cycles, however, wants to build its bikes stateside, yet still sell them at reasonable prices. It plans on doing so using a unique frame-construction process. read more
ESA explores the concept of a 3D-printed moonbase
The European Space Agency (ESA) and architecture firm Foster + Partners have released a video outlining how they envision a future mission to construct a moonbase with the aid of 3D printing technology may unfold. read more
Kyocera Brigadier review: Nearly unbreakable without breaking the bank
Gizmag has been putting the rugged Kyocera Brigadier through the gauntlet for some weeks now and has this report on how the military grade Android phone performed. read more
Carbon nanotubes could find use in improved bomb detection device
A team of researchers at the University of Utah has integrated carbon nanotubes into a prototype explosives sensor. It can also detect illegal drugs and toxic chemicals such as nerve gas, reportedly doing so better than currently-used technologies. read more
Drive makes phone-using drivers keep their hands on the wheel
When it comes to safe driving tips, taking your hands off the steering wheel to make or receive calls doesn’t rate way up there. Drive offers an alternative – it’s a device that’s controlled using finger movements, and it won’t work unless the user’s hands are on the more
UK supermarket trialing checkout-less shopping
No-one likes spending any longer at the supermarket than they have to. Whilst self-service checkouts may have sped things up a touch, one UK supermarket is now set to trial doing away with checkouts altogether. The new Sainsbury’s app lets users scan items at the shelf and pay via their smartphone. read more
VLT’s MUSE sheds light on distant galactic crash
ESO astronomers have used the Very Large Telescope’s (VLT) Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) instrument to make detailed observations of a cosmic collision, revealing secrets as to how star-forming gas was ripped out of a distant spiral more



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