The fate of a precious 4-year-old girl and her brothers and sisters will be decided Tuesday morning by a judge in Ecuador.

Little Mia Tapuy and her siblings were rescued by Bless an Orphan in 2012. Bless an Orphan is the Christian child rescue ministry established in Ecuador by my daughter and son-in-law Karissa and Marshall Washburn.

Mia and her brothers and sisters lived in an Amazon jungle hut.  All of the children were severely malnourished, dirty, and infested with parasites.  Little Mia was kept in a crate and neglected for days at a time while her drunken parents were away.

Mia’s parents attempted to murder one of her sisters by burying the child in a plastic bag in the ground.  Mia’s older sister and brother dug up the buried sister and saved her life.  There are rumors that the parents murdered other children too, but the government never investigated the disappearances.

Several employees of Ecuador’s Department of Social Services (MEIS) have waged a relentless campaign to destroy Bless an Orphan, and to force the ministry to return the children to their Amazon parents.  The MEIS women despise Karissa’s zeal for Jesus Christ and her leading children to the Lord.  They have repeatedly lied to judges by making false accusations against Bless an Orphan.

These MEIS employees have persuaded an Ecuadoran judge to hold a hearing on Tuesday at 10AM to order Bless an Orphan to surrender the children back to their Amazon jungle parents.

What fate awaits these children if the judge rips them from Bless an Orphan?

Several months ago the drunken father told Karissa in Spanish that “the men in the village were raping his wife” and that he was eager to get his daughters back home “because maybe the men will leave my wife alone.”

The hand of God is upon Mia.  She experienced three prophetic dreams in 2014 about the End of the World and the return of Jesus Christ.  She often tells Karissa about her conversations with Jesus.

I cannot believe God would permit this precious, innocent child and her siblings to be taken from Karissa and Marshall and given back their pagan parents who are surrounded by witchcraft, liquor, magic potions, and gang rape.

The judge will interview the children in the morning and issue his decision.  Please pray that God turns the head of this judge, and that the evil scheme of these Social Services women will be exposed and defeated.

If the judge rules in favor of Bless an Orphan, Karissa and Marshall will be free to legally adopt Mia and her siblings.  Susan and I will soon have five more grandchildren!

If you ever saw Mia’s sparkling eyes, heard her infectious laugh, and heard her tell you about “Jesus talking to her,” you would do anything to protect this child’s innocence.

Tuesday is the day.  The hearing begins at 10AM Eastern in Tena (Napa Province) Ecuador.  The children’s names are Mia, Delcy, Tito, Cenaida, and Jose.

Please intercede for Mia and her brothers and sisters.  Join us in this prayer:

“Holy Father, we come to you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ on behalf of Mia and her brothers and sisters in Ecuador.  God, save them!  Defend the innocent children. Rescue them from the wicked.  Expose the evil schemes of the MEIS social service workers.  Let them be caught in lies.  Place the right words in the mouths of the children during the hearing.  Let the judge be gripped by fear of giving the children back to their murderous parents.  Turn the head of this judge and let the judge rule in favor of Bless an Orphan for the sake of these children’s souls.  We ask these things in faith in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.”

Revelation 19:16 On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This blog is to present Up To Date Prophetic News. My prayer is that this blog will bring others to know Jesus as their Savior if they do not know him the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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