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NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher following her keynote address at the 2014 U.S. Health Freedom Congress.

Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know

and Freedom to Choose

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The public conversation about whether we should have the freedom to choose how we want to maintain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has become one of the most important public conversations of our time. It is a conversation that challenges us to examine complex public policy, scientific, ethical, legal, philosophical, economic, political and cultural issues.


This may appear to be a new conversation but it has been around for centuries. At the center of this new and old public conversation about health and freedom, is the topic of vaccination.


Watch a video, read referenced text of the first 35 minutes or make a comment on this 77-minute illustrated presentation, which received a standing ovation at the September 2014 U.S. Health Freedom Congress at Hamline University in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This video and written excerpt was first published in the Mercola Newsletter during Vaccine Awareness Week (Nov. 8-15, 2014), republished by Health Impact News and it has been translated into French and made publicly available in Europe by Initiative Citoyenne.

Online public comment excerpts:


   “THE best speech given on this subject I’ve seen to date. Clear, concise, non partisan as one can subjectively be – I feel highly informed and moved!


    “This is a rare “watershed article”, well cited, written with style and conviction! Thank you, Barbara. I pray it finds a very large readership.”


  “This is one of the most powerful statements I have ever heard. Barbara Loe Fisher is stunning in her clarity and purpose.”


     “That was as epic as John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged.


  “So well thought out, you hit the legal, moral and scientific issues with a concise, logical, easy to understand delivery. What a heroic effort!”

Ohio Vaccine Exemptions Threatened – Take Action NOW to Protect Vaccine Choices!

Ohio state legislators are quietly ramming bills through the House (HB536) and Senate (SB381) mandating that children enrolled in daycare centers and family day-care homes in Ohio get multiple doses of 14 vaccines and requiring parents to obtain the signature of a doctor or other state-designated health care worker for ALL vaccine exemptions (medical, religious and conscientious belief).


HB 536 has passed committee and is on the calendar for a House floor vote while SB 381 is still in committee. NVIC Director of State Advocacy, Dawn Richardson, warned “It is urgent that Ohio citizens contact their legislators immediately to stop these bad bills. Signing up for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal will put you in immediate direct contact with your own state legislators so you can make your voice heard.”

Vaccine Freedom Wall
Have you or your children been threatened or forced to get a vaccination without your voluntary, informed consent?

Share your story with others by posting your experience on NVIC’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.

Vaccine Failure Wall

Vaccines don’t always prevent infectious disease and live virus vaccines can transmit vaccine strain viral infections. If you or your child have gotten vaccinated and still gotten sick with the disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent or you have transmitted or been infected with vaccine strain live virus, you can post your vaccine failure experience on

NVIC’s Vaccine Failure Wall. 

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In the News
 Mail Online (UK) in a Nov. 23, 2014 article (“School expels 8-year-old daughter whose mother refused to give her vaccine booster shot that family doctor deemed unsafe”) describes the case of a New York City gradeschooler banned from school by government officials demanding that she get a Tdap booster shot even though the vaccine is not licensed for use in children under age 10.


   ABC-TV Sacramento (News 10) in a Nov. 21, 2014 report (“More California Parents Not Vaccinating Their Children”) gives statistics about vaccination and exemption rates in different schools and features interviews with a public health official and parents choosing to vaccinate and not to vaccinate, including a Mom whose two children had vaccine reactions.


   USA Today in a Nov. 17, 2014 article (Survey: 74% Might Pull Kids From Daycare Over Vaccines”) reported on a University of Michigan survey that found 4 in 10 parents support daycare policies excluding kids without all government recommended vaccines but only 1 in 4 want to know the names of the children not fully vaccinated.


    Bloomberg Businessweek on Nov. 17, 2014 published an AP report (Vaccine Court Keeps Claimants Waiting) finding that the federal vaccine injury compensation program created by Congress in 1986 “is not working as intended” and “has heaped additional suffering on families” with vaccine injured children by forcing most to wait years for financial assistance.


   Morning Star (Michigan) on Nov. 17, 2014 presented pro-mandatory vaccination and pro-vaccine choice perspectives (“Health Department, State Physician’s Group Urge Vaccination”) that included comments by a doctor of chiropractic urging public education and citing as a vaccine information resource.


   The Washington Post on Nov. 11, 2014 published an article (“Kenya’s Catholic Bishops: Tetanus Vaccine is Birth Control in Disguise”) about WHO-led vaccination campaigns in Africa aimed at childbearing women allegedly using multiple doses of tetanus vaccine laced with a birth control hormone (beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG), which causes miscarriages and eventual sterility.

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