URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Thailand Government Arresting Christian Asylum Seekers

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(Voice of the Persecuted) This morning, we were notified by our partners in Thailand that over 200 Christian asylum seekers have been caught by Thai authorities during a raid in Bangkok. Women, children, nursing mothers, the elderly and sick were among those arrested.

The Thai government does not have a working relationship with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They do not recognize the Asylum Seeker certificates issued to these refugees by the UNHCR. They go to Thailand because it is easier to obtain a visa, or they cannot afford to go further. Many are unaware of the dreadful living conditions, or the lengthy process of receiving asylum status—not measured in months, but some as long as 6 years simply to get an interview.

During the wait, their visa’s expire and they become illegals who are constantly at risk of being arrested and put into the horrific conditions of the Thai detention centers. Unable to legally get a work permit, the little funds…

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