Commander of Iranian Army Vows to Destroy Israel

September 27, 2015

Speaking at a parade of its armed forces where Iran showcased its long-range ballistic missiles, the head of the Iranian army vowed to destroy Israel. “Israel only barks, no matter how much weapons are given to [it], we are going to destroy them, we will promise this task will be done,” said Ataollah Salehi, as quoted by the Fars News Agency and translated by the Washington Free Beacon.

— Clarion Project

New Clashes at Jerusalem Holy Site

September 27, 2015

Israeli riot police briefly clashed with young Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site early Sunday, raising tensions ahead of a major Jewish holiday.

— The Associated Press

‘Death to House of Saud’ Rings Out as Iran Demands Hajj Apology

September 27, 2015

Hundreds of Iranians chanted “Death to the treacherous House of Saud” outside the Saudi embassy on Sunday as the Islamic republic’s leader demanded Riyadh apologize for the deadly hajj stampede.

— Agence France-Presse

Imprisoned Pastor Worse off Since Iran Deal

September 24, 2015

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini, listened intently to Pope Francis’ historic address to a joint session of Congress today from her seat in the House gallery. Saturday marks three years since Iranian authorities jailed her husband on dubious charges for his Christian faith.

— World Magazine

Rare 3,000-Year-Old King David era Seal Discovered by Temple Mount Sifting Project

September 24, 2015

A rare 3,000-year-old seal, from the time of King David in the 10th century BCE, was recently discovered by a 10-year-old Russian volunteer at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Sifting Project. Dr. Gabriel Barkay, co-founder and director of the project – which sifts through thousands of tons of illegally removed earth from the contested holy site in 1999 by the Wakf religious trust to build a mosque – said that the finding is unprecedented.

— Jerusalem Post

EU Chief Fears Union Will Collapse Over Migrant Crisis

September 24, 2015

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, warned the EU was now facing a “critical point” and that the migrant crisis hadn’t even reached its peak. As he chaired an emergency meeting of EU leaders in Brussels last night Mr Tusk painted a bleak picture of the EU’s future, saying the 28-member bloc was on the verge of breakdown with “recriminations and misunderstanding” pitting nations against one another. The future of free movement was at stake, he said, as the continent had lost control of its borders as well as a “sense of order.”

— Daily Express

New Zealand Deports Would-Be First Ever “Climate Change Refugee”

September 24, 2015

Ioane Teitiota argued for four years he should stay in New Zealand because of rising seas that threaten to deluge Kiribati, making it unsafe for him and his family. — The Telegraph

UTSA Awarded $300,000 from Department of Defense for Brain-Controlled Drone Research

September 15, 2015

The UTSA team recently was awarded a $300,000 contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to study how humans can effectively interact with autonomous aerial vehicles. The goal of the project is to use brain signals of a soldier to navigate small UAVs for military operations such as collecting intelligence, performing surveillance and conducting reconnaissance missions.

— University of Texas at San Antonio

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