Suicide Bombing In Lahore Children’s Park–Packed For Easter

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As I hit the publish button on my last Post about the UNHCR failing in it’s protection of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand and Malaysia, news broke first from Dawn in Pakistan about a heinous attack in Lahore.  A apparent suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a Lahore Park for Children.  Just a few meters away from the Children’s swings.  Dawn news reported that the park was packed for Easter celebrations and that over 60 people have been killed and 200 wounded.  Mostly women and children.  The scenes of body parts and blood were overshadowed by the look on one man’s face.  He literally looked as though he had looked into the face of Satan.  And truly he had.

Photo from Jerusalem Post Photo from Jerusalem Post

Demonic activity such as this is becoming prevalent.  Children, God’s most precious commodities are being slaughtered.  Christians are facing extinction.

This from CNN:  A splinter…

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