Parents: Hobgood Elementary students handcuffed, detained(UPDATE 5)

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Hobgood Arrests


4/25/16  Update

5/6/16   Update

Author’s Note:  This story is confusing and clearly communication was broken down during this past event.  The policies and the manner in which children are dealt with in these situations must be reviewed and revamped!  In the mist of all this confusion you will read officer’s voicing concern to the principal and others as well in how to best deal with arrests while trying to minimize the students embarrassment.  This is an ongoing investigation so for the this reason I will use the term “allegedly”  in regards to the charges against the minors.  Tennessee code cited for the arrests is 39-11-402. Criminal responsibility for conduct of another.

I do not by any means claim to be an attorney.  But, upon reading the news articles and listening to the few interviews and the Murfreesboro’s Community concerns about how this happened and the “reasoning” of the arrests based upon the above Criminal code; something has got to change.  HOW can one be responsible for the actions of another in situations like this.  It never fails that “if” someone gets involved “everyone” automatically gets arrested or “if” someone does intervene they get in trouble for trying to help. There was a situation where a truck practically runs over a car on the highway; the driver manages to get a picture of the truck.  The driver of the car relentlessly researched the truck’s history and reports it to the police and the company and guess what:  because an officer “did not” witness this happening nothing could be done!!  The company never reprimanded the truck or anything.   HMMMM!  Fair and balanced? Nope not in the least.  Hopefully no one else encountered that trucker; but, who knows since nothing was ever done about it.

Obviously, the TN code (other states that has this on the books) needs reviewing.  Especially, if it involves children.  I understand nothing anymore people.  Everything in the world is up side down.  Chaos, confusion, power play, aggressiveness and muscle seem to be the mainstream.  WHY is it that those in position of authority abuse it?  This is not just with law enforcement; no, it starts from the top down from government on a national level to your local government.  HOW is it that people in authoritative positions “allow” themselves to become corrupt?  I know people have ask this same question time and time again. WHAT happens to common sense, moral judgement and ethics?  HAS everyone in these positions lost these essentials?

I’m not pointing a finger at anyone person or department.  The system is broke and it must be fixed before things get worse.  All these situations are causing mistrust, fear, anguish and a divide that  is heading towards irreparable damage.  Society is sending double meanings and confusing the hell out this generation: i.e. it’s against the law to write on private or public property right?  Well, if you say it’s OK to write on your desk to do math; what kind of message are you sending to kids.  The sign on the door says no food or drinks; yet the kids allowed to do just the opposite.  WHAT? You mean that confuses the kids?  We teach the kids about “stranger danger” and if this occurs to tell an adult or police officer immediately!  Right??  Well, what do you think the kids are thinking when situations like the one above happens with the arresting of kids not even involved in the fight?  Well, what’s the answer people?  When you have officer’s showing concern on the scene and questioning the job they are employed to do; SOMEONE needs to pay attention and LISTEN.  They knew something wasn’t right and I for one applaud those officer’s!  Because why?  Their conscience kicked in damn it and I’m proud of them.  My personal opinion and I’m not afraid to share it!  The school staff voiced concern as well in how to minimize the situation so the kids wouldn’t be embarrassed.  They too are to be commended.  Do I agree with how it was handled based solely on public articles and public interviews:  NO!  At the same time I was not there nor do I know all the details.  All I have to go on is what in mainstream media.  You read the articles and watch the interviews and make up your own mind.

Police supervisor put on leave after kids’ arrests in Murfreesboro

Report findings on Hobgood arrest pdf

Police Chief Apologizes Over 10 Elementary School Students Being Arrested, Handcuffed

JUNE 7 2017 UPDATE 5


SNIPPET:  MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Ten students ages 9 to 12, who were arrested and detained in April after being accused of not stopping a neighborhood fight, will have their charges dropped, the county’s prosecutor said.  SOURCE



SNIPPET:MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Charges against three children arrested in Murfreesboro, two of whom were handcuffed, will soon be dismissed.  SOURCE



SNIPPET:  MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee prosecutor said on Thursday that he intends to dismiss charges against elementary school students who were hauled off to a juvenile facility — some in handcuffs — during the school day and in view of waiting parents.  SOURCE


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