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Brexit Impact on Falklands and Gibraltar

Shockwaves have rippled across Europe after Britain voted to leave the EU in its historic referendum. Spain’s Government on Friday called for joint control of Gibraltar after the British people voted to leave the EU (Daily Express, June 27, 2016). Many UK residents in Gibraltar are wary of Spain’s next move, Experience has shown that Spain would take advantage of any such renegotiation in order to further undermine, isolate and exclude Gibraltar from the European mainstream Spain could ruthlessly cut off and isolate Gibraltar successive Spanish governments had often used border checks and delays to choke hold Gibraltar’s economy and slow down its tourism industry (ibid.). Spain’s Foreign Minister stated, The Spanish flag on the Rock is much closer than before (BBC, June 24, 2016). Gibraltar has been a British territory since 1713 but Spain continues to claim sovereignty over the enclave (ibid.). Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri stated, that his country’s claim of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands remains unchanged following Britain’s vote to leave the EU (TheJournal.ie, July 5, 2016).

Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands are two remaining sea gates under British control. God promised Abraham’s descendants they would possess the gate of their enemies (Genesis22:1724:60). Moses warned the Israelites (including future Britain) that if they despised the laws of God your enemy shall distress you at all your gates (Deuteronomy 28:15,55-57). As Britain moves away from the laws of God, He will continue His removal of these strategic sea gates from its control. For more on this topic, read Sea Gates in Peril.

Future EU Army

In the wake of the Brexit and growing uncertainty within the EU, French and German foreign ministers announced plans for the EU’s transformation to become a  and its resolute militarization for global military operations. In a joint position paper, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and Jean-Marc Ayrault (PS) are calling for the EU’s comprehensive military buildup, based on a division of labor, to enable future global military operations. Following the Brexit, the EU should, step-by-step, become an independent and global actor. All forces must be mobilized and all of the Eu’s political instruments must be consolidated into an integrated EU foreign and military policy (German-Foreign-Policy.com, June 28, 2016).

Although the current configuration in Europe will undoubtedly change, we need to watch for a streamlining of EU nations, very likely into a group of ten, based on prophecies in Revelation 17. Bible prophecy also reveals that the final European beast will be not only a political and religious force, but also a military force (see Revelation 13). For more insights into the coming streamlined and more unified EU (or whatever it is called), be sure to read our fascinating and increasingly relevant booklet, The Beast of Revelation.

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