NEWS – FBI surprises again, shares files on Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich 2001

FBI surprises again, shares files on Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich 2001



F.B.I.’s Email Disclosure Broke a Pattern Followed Even This SummerBy MATT APUZZO, MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT, ADAM GOLDMAN and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM
At the Justice Department’s urging, the F.B.I. did not actively pursue cases on the Clinton Foundation and a former Trump campaign chairman so close to the election.

Philadelphia Transit Strike Strands Thousands   New York Times‎
The strike by about 4,700 workers of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority …


This Story Begs to Question The “True” Intent of Philly Transit Strike!

4,738 TWU (Local #234) workers went on strike Nov. 1 2016 at midnight.  Their contract had expired with SEPTA.  According to the article SEPTA transit system transports about 90o K people a day.  The timing of the strike along with now only six days out from November 8th Presidential Election Day has been put in the lime light.  This strike would have impact on people who use SEPTA for their daily transportation.  Election Day is around the corner; what will ensue?  Clinton-supporting labor union representing Philadelphia transit workers ( this could be a good thing since I am not “FOR CERTAIN” a hillary supporter) should put right to vote first; BUT alas, in all fairness to the Electoral Process every American has the right to vote and this should be settled before Election Day!  source    NYTimes reports on strike

The Kelly File 11/02/16 EXPLOSIVE REPORT, FBI Documents From 2001 Probe Into a Bill Clinton Pardon

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