American’s Have Finally Awakened, But What Will We Do Now?

On November 9, 2016 after an ugly bid for the leader of the free world, Americans spoke for the first time in decades.  And they not only spoke, they shouted.  Our voice sent a tsunami, rippling waves across the Globe.  We are tired of corruption, murder and lies in the government of these United States.  The map of election night was a miracle in itself.  God spoke through His people in America, it took 8 years, a toppled middle east complete with genocide of Christians and minorities, an economic downturn in America and the rest of the world to wake up the people, but awake they are.  Now our job is not done, it’s just beginning.  We must hold our elected officials accountable, we must pray as never before.  We must watch and continue warning.

Now days are filled with protest, burning our flag, and crying that America will trample Human Rights.  President Elect Trump said the forgotten man will no longer be forgotten.  People here were mad at the lies and the hope and change promised that brought only destruction and corruption.  We watched in horror the events of the Arab Spring, and the ensuing war in Syria, we watched ISIS gain strength and numbers in their murderous rampage from Africa to the East.  We watched the persecution of Christians grow to numbers rivaling none.

Now Clinton supporters burn the American Flag, curse Americans, and the media is sympathetic. Insane. Christians came together before the election and the only thing burned was their knees from praying. We said, “God is in control no matter who wins.” Christians don’t burn the flag, we speak out yes, but act like criminals as these have, act treasonous like these have, even calling for assasination of President Elect Trump. This is why AMERICA SAID ENOUGH. Pray for America.  The following two paragraphs are from news reports for the last 2 days.
“A group of American University students burned U.S. flags on the D.C. campus Wednesday afternoon to protest Donald Trump’s election as president, some shouting  obscenities to  white America!”

“Several hundred students gathered in front of a campus center that holds the dining hall and classrooms, while protesters used matches and lighters to set several American flags ablaze. One student screamed: “This is a representation of America! We are going down in flames!”

The last 4 years have divided our country, started a new race war, and left so many without insurance because they can’t afford it. I could go on and on, it saw a deal made with a terroristic regime, Iran,  it saw the Middle East covered in blood from Africa to syria. And now I’m almost speechless, I said almost.

This last few months has been unbelievable, it was ugly, it was heinous and now it’s done. We saw media actually lie, we saw ugliness and hatred. Had Clinton won, yes Christians would have been devastated. Yes we would have voiced it. Yes, we would have been shocked at how people could close their eyes to lies and corruption. But we would not have, I repeat, we would not have rioted in the streets, burned our flag, or spread hate of any kind. I think we all know now that we can’t trust the media. I am not all the man, but I am all about ridding our country of corruption.  I’m all about protecting our country, I’m all about Human Rights and freedom for all, not a few.  

The media has spread fear like a wildfire to Muslims and the LGBT community. And I really don’t understand why the millenials in college are throwing fits. It’s appalling and shameful. How will they ever make it in the world alone? Trump will not trample on human rights. We the people are watching and we will not be silenced again. So please let’s move on, and unite as one voice.

As many reports as there are portraying Trump supporters as evil there is just as many of trump haters that are perpetrating hate crimes against those who supported him. So please time to let it go, and move on toward unity and one voice for freedom.  Yes Christians in America are growing weary of the increased prejudice against us brought on by Obama, but we’re not hating anyone.   Hatred of any kind is wrong and won’t be tolerated.

Middle America spoke, wake up. You didn’t see Christians rioting when Obama was elected. You didn’t see us rioting when he overturned the marriage act, or refused to stop planned parenthood from harvesting organs from abortion. So it’s time to come back to a United States of America, and stop fear mongering.

I have one question for the left of sanity. How do you get bigotry from wanting to vet immigrants to prevent terrorists and drug dealers and murders from entering our country??? There are many bigots like the pro choice people who have exhibited hatred and nastiness in their protests, unwilling to accept that life is precious at all stages. Bigotry has many faces. Christians are called bigots because we refuse to deny Christ is the only way to heaven. But bigotry simply to protect ALL life from those who wish wickedness and evil on our country? Give me a break. God heal our land, and bring our people back to you.

Let’s unite in prayer, there have been so many threats made against our new President and his Vice President.  I can not believe the amount of people calling for his assassination.  This is from Satan.  Pray like never before for his safety.  Pray that God sends His Holy Spirit through this land and calms the angry roaring waves.  Stand united and show the world our Christian values, that we are made to love not hate, but we will be watching, we will be watching Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and other countries committing Human Rights Abuses.  And most of all we will be watching our New President.  Unite as one in Christ, unite as one as a country that respects all regardless of race, sex, or religion.  But don’t take our rights from us, either.



Conservative, Christian,Female, married. Spreading truth in the Gospel of Christ & the Bible. I have been writing opinion and commentary on World News & Prophecy for about 5 years. I write analysis of the news, and ask the tough questions that MSM won't.

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  1. Amen! Praise God in Jesus name.

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